We knock another classic car of our bucket list, with the 1991 BMW 850i in Brilliant Red, and a 6 speed manual.

The E31 BMW 8 Series has always been a car on our list to feature on TestDrive. It’s a unique vehicle in BMW’s lineup from the 90s, sitting as their only sports coupé with a V12 engine. Unlike Mercedes-Benz who made an S-Class Coupe and renamed it the CL-Class closer to the end of the W140’s production run, the 8 Series was never meant to be the two door version of the E32 7 Series.

We don’t often see the BMW 850i on the road, but when we do we notice it instantly. It offers a very unique front end, with tiny square kidney grilles that resemble the original BMW M1 racecar. The popup headlights are also a unique trait on this vehicle, something we never saw from BMW before, or since.

Our full tour and review of this 1991 BMW 850i E31 goes over some of the exterior design elements, including some of BMW’s clever weight distribution techniques. We also jump inside to see what an OEM interior looks like with some small OEM upgrades. We start it up and give it a little rev also with it’s absolutely bone stock exhaust system.

We’re then taken on one of the most exciting drives we’ve ever gone on with TestDrive, as we cruise around the streets of Mississauga in this V12 6-speed manual BMW sports car.

We wrap up our episode of the E31 on some common problems to look out for if you’re in the market for this type of vehicle. We also strongly recommend heading over to www.bimmerforums.com to visit their E31 section which has new posts every day.

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TestDrive is proudly produced in Acton, Québec, Canada. This episode was filmed in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.