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“Aw, #$%&!!!” You just scraped one of your wheels on a curb. We know exactly how you feel. That’s why in 2009, on one of our trips to Germany, we were excited to discover a new wheel repair kit. It claimed to let you repair scraped or gouged BMW and MINI silver alloy wheels all by yourself, with excellent results. We were a bit skeptical, but with replacement wheels costing anywhere from $300–600 apiece, if this kit worked 75% as well as was claimed, it could save BMW and MINI owners a ton of dough.

We brought a kit home with us and gave it to one of our Advisors to test. He was very impressed, saying, “From 5 feet away my roommates could not tell where the repair was done. Even after I pointed out where the damage had been, it was still difficult to notice.” We published his findings in the Spring 2010 issue of Fast Times.-

Since then, thousands of BMW and MINI owners have repaired their wheels using this kit, saving each of them hundreds of dollars. (One kit can do several wheels.) Yet we’ve also heard from a number of BMW and MINI owners who say that, before they commit to repairing their wheels, they’d like to see exactly what’s involved. So we asked Bavarian Otto to make one of his famous DIY videos showing how to use this kit. Watch the video, see how simple the process is, then order the kit by calling 800.535.2002 or shopping in our online store at

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