Range: How far can you drive with the BMW i3 ? Explained by BMW i3 driver Steve.

Steve from Seattle has been one of our BMW i3 drivers since March 2015. So he was born electric in March 2015. As one of the “Born Electrics” he explains to you all there is to know about the range of the BMW i3.
– What influence does the weather have on the electric range?
– How does the BMW i3 heat and cool the interior and battery?
– How does Preconditioning work and what is the advantage of it?
– What is the Range Extender and how does it work?
– And lastly he explains how the Dynamic Range Map and the Range Assistant help to always know how far you can go in your current driving style. You want to know even more? Have a look at all the other drivers and their experiences: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxUBx2IyVbqcki2cKbxOD5L1ST7JkSoUW

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