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In this two part video series Otto will show you how to replace front control arms and control arm bushings on a typical BMW 3-series 84-05 and MINI. Note that while these procedures are shown on an E30 3-series (84-91) BMW, they can also be applied to the E36 3-Series (92-98), E46 3-series (99-05) and MINI models. Of the 3-series and MINI models listed, some will look slightly different or have slightly different hardware but, the basic points and procedures are the same.

Part one – Control arm and bushing installation steps

In this video we will install the front control arm and control arm bushing on a BMW 3-series (and MINI). Part-1 covers the removal.

For a list of the parts and tools used, see the accompanying BLOG post at:

(Steps 1-10 are in the Part-1, removal video)

11) Press the bushing/mount assembly onto the control arm, using the bushing removal/install tool. Note that some urethane bushings may not require a press for this operation. Note that rubber bushings require a lubricant to allow them to be pressed onto the arm. BMW specifies a special lube that dries after assembly …. we like to use diluted dish soap or hair spray as alternatives. Take note of any alignment marks, as well as the proper orientation (left / right and front / back) of the mount bracket. Most of the applications will install with the mounting arm, on the mount bracket, being parallel and in-line (on the same plane) with the forward end of the control arm. Note that the bushing and bracket assembly can also be installed on the arm after the new control arm has been installed on the vehicle.

12) Install the control arm and bushing assembly to the vehicle. Insert the ball joint spindles into the knuckles and start the nuts onto the threads. Install the bolts for the bushing mount bracket and torque to specs (see the proper Bentley manual). Tap the bottom of each ball joint to secure the tapered pin into the knuckle and tighten the nuts to the proper torque spec. If the ball-joint pin will not seat, and turns when the nut is turned, use a jack to apply upward pressure on the underside of the ball-joint, pressing the pin securely into the seat.

13) Install or reconnect the swaybar end link assembly.

14) Replace the wheel/tire and torque the lug bolts to the proper torque spec. Lower the vehicle.

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