My New 2012 BMW 328i Conv Nav iPhone demo in Sep 2012. Unlock your DVD and iPhone videos to be able to watch and drive. see below and video.

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On the video I show the convertible exterior of the BMW and also the interior new Nav.

As you can see, the new hard drive based Navigation screen is much better, a little bigger and with better resolution. It show real 3D buildings in certain cities like Miami, New York, Saint Petersburg, etc. It is very cool… too bad is not all the big cities yet.

One of the best part for me is the fact that the BMW iPhone cradle allows you to plug in your iphone 3Gs, 4 or 4s and be able to not see your mp3 music library from the phone/iTunes, but also the videos. So, I use is mostly for that. I have dozens of music videos on my iphone and they all display on my big Nav screen on my BMW. I can change the videos using the iDrive or the Steering wheel controls. It also works witht he new Apple iOS 6.

ALL THESE IS READY TO BE USED WHILE IN PARK, HOWEVER, YOU CAN UNLOCK YOU NAV SYSTEM USING A COMPANY “DVD IN MOTION” and after 2 minutes of the unlocking process with a specially made DVD, you and watch and drive any regular DVDs and iPhone Videos on your BMW Nav screen.

I also like the BMW Apps… you can download the app for you iPhone and now you can have Facebook, Tweeter, Internet Radio, Google Search, ETC. I listen to Radio stations from all over the world…. well, as long as you have internet connection on your iPhone.



Navigation system.

The BMW Professional navigation system gives you all the information you need and guides you quickly and comfortably to your destination.

There are many advantages to the fully-integrated Professional navigation system: sensors monitor the wheels and the steering angle and can localise the vehicle at all times. This means the system can be relied on to navigate even when the GPS signal is weak (e.g. in a tunnel).

Integration of the Professional system makes navigation much easier and the different functions complement each other; for instance, the volume is automatically lowered before a navigation announcement is made.

Maps and directions are displayed on the high-resolution 10.2-inch screen either in 3D or using the split-screen mode (size varies according to model) with photo-realistic depiction of places of interest. The on-board computer’s functions are also shown here. The device has a DVD drive (audio and video DVD, mp3 decoder) and a hard drive for navigation and music data.

TMC traffic information can be automatically included in route planning: the navigation system highlights the traffic jam and suggests a detour. ConnectedDrive and TPEG provide very accurate traffic updates that cover the secondary road network. Depending on the model, High Guiding or Lane Guiding facilitates navigation in the city and in unclear driving situations. Here, the Black Panel Display (cockpit) or the Head-Up Display shows the correct line of the road and the right lane in the driver’s field of vision.

The navigation system also forms the basis for BMW ConnectedDrive, the intelligent system that keeps driver and vehicle connected with the outside world. Add the optional mobile preparation with Bluetooth interface and the BMW becomes a mobile office enabling communication by email and SMS, appointment coordination and to-do lists. All content can be shown on the Control Display or read aloud over the loudspeakers.

Further BMW ConnectedDrive services include BMW TeleServices (e.g for more efficient maintenance and prompt help in emergencies) or BMW Assist (e.g. for perfect mobility wherever you are). The driver can plan his route at home with Google Maps and then use Google Send to Car by BMW Assist to send the results to the navigation system.

The navigation system can be operated via the iDrive Controller. Voice Control allows the driver to perform certain navigation functions (e.g. enter destination) without taking his hands off the steering wheel. A destination can be entered as a so-called oneshot, with city, street and building number all in one line.