What can I say. You can see the result. This car is very fast and it is not that easy to keep up with a car that is completely modded especially for track. Nevertheless I have to mention that I did not have my full engine power cause my clutch is causing me problems, I will get a new one 3. mai. My springs and dampers are also tired, please note that I have done 87.500 Km with my M3 and more than 100 laps Nordschleife. The springs and dampers are also replaced next week. But honestly: even with new clutch and springs I cannot keep up with a fully modded car like that with my stock M3, I have to admit that. My fastest lap that day was 7:49 BTG, with new clutch, dampers ans springs (stock), I will try to go under 7:40 during next month. I think I can do that with the stock M3.