iViNi Carly BMW Android v27.80 full version

iViNi Carly BMW Android v27.80 full version


Get the most out of your BMW by keeping it healthy, personalized and connected.
With more than 200-thousand happy customers from all over the world you can’t go wrong.
Carly for BMW is the most powerful mobile solution for BMWs starting from 1994.

With the lite version you have a one-time fault report for free (which is our response email to your log, that you send to us after diagnostics). Furthermore, you can test every function of the Pro Version – if it works or not.

These are the functions (Pro Version):
★ DIAGNOSTICS: Perform a complete health-check of your car’s electronics (incl. in pro version)

You can do an in-depth diagnosis of your BMW, just like a professional. You get the fault codes/DTC of your car with explanations in the pro version of the app.

Up to now, normal OBD testers and all available apps are limited to a small amount of electronic control units (ECUs) and to an even smaller amount of fault reports/codes. This helps next to nothing or nothing at all, when alarm lights appear or warning messages pop-up.

This BMW-specific app analyses practically all compatible ECUs with practically all possible fault codes.

… and you can even clear the saved fault codes – not only the standard OBD codes!

If you want to see how something like this works, than have a look at this video.
To Diagnostics

★ CODINGS: Get the most out of your BMW (incl. in pro version)

With coding you can activate hidden options and influence the behavior of many different functions. An often used coding feature is the digital speedometer or also the US side marker. Carly for BMW supports more than 1000 different codings. You can find an overview here: coding summary.
Here you can view the related video: view coding video.
To Codings

★ PARAMETERS: Analyze BMW engine gauges like a Pro (incl. in pro version)

Motor parameters are offered by many apps, but those are very limited and all just show „superficial“ information. Carly by BMW can read out motor parameters, just like a dealer’s workshop can, because of the BMW specificity. To get an idea, how this works click here: View video.
To Parameters

★ BATTERY REGISTRATION: Change and register your car battery by yourself (available as 10 Euro In-App)
To Battery Registration

★ SERVICE RESET: Be independent from your car repair shop (available as 5 Euro In-App)
To Service Reset

★ DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER: Check and regenerate your diesel filter (available as 10 Euro In-App)
To Diesel Particulate-Filter

★ iDRIVE CODINGS: Change your iDrive settings now! (available as 15 Euro In-App)
To iDrive Coding

All these functions cost more than several hundreds of Euros normally. Carly for BMW offers manufacturer level quality, is extremely easy to use and costs a fraction. All functions are continually being enhanced and updated.
Normal OBD Testers are limited to a very small number of control units (ECUs) and an even smaller number of fault codes. Carly reads practically all compatible ECUs. This is usually only possible with expensive expert hardware.
With the lite version of Carly for BMW you can test compatibility of your car for all functions that the pro version offers. Additionally we offer diagnostics licenses with limited use, which you can find out about right here.

For testing with the lite version we recommend our hardware, since some functions depend on the right adapter. Save yourself time and money using the correct adapter right away.
You can get the lite version and pro version right here:
To the Apps
To make it easy to connect to your BMW, we build our own adapters. They were specifically built for Carly Apps and a stable connection. The adapters come with this:

Check out the adapters:
To Adapters
To Information-Page
To Support
To Current Projects of Carly for BMW
For these models diagnostics, parameters and codings are supported. For the other functions please plug in with the Lite App to try out.

  • 1series: E81, E87
  • 1series Convertible: E88
  • 1series Coupe: E82
  • 3series: E90, E46, E36
  • 3series Touring: E91
  • 3series Coupe: E92
  • 3series Convertible: E93
  • 5series: E60, E39
  • 5series Touring: E61
  • 6series: E63
  • 6series Cabrio: E64
  • 7series: E65, E66, E38
  • X3: E83
  • X5: E53, E70
  • X6: E71, E72
  • Z3: E36
  • Z4: E85, E86, E89
  • MINI R56, R60
  • F-models (for IOS – please check manual for coding for exact compatibility)

For these models diagnostics and parameters are supported. For the other functions please plug in with the lite app to try out.
● F-models (for Android)

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