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This DIY (Do It Yourself) How To Video shows how to install the Powerflex urethane bushing sets in the rear subframe, trailing arms and differential mount on a BMW E30 3-series (84-91). While the specific model shown is an E30 chassis, these general procedures are applicable to all early BMW subframe and semi-trailing arm chassis (Bav, CS, 2002, E21, E12, E28, E34, E24, E23, E32, E31) as well as the E36 based Z3 and 318ti.

One of the most common maintenance and/or upgrade areas on our BMWs and MINIs is the various suspension bushings. We’ve talked at length about the front suspension control arm bushings, in multiple Fast Times articles and DIY videos. In this DIY article and video, we’ll take a look at the rear suspension bushings. Specifically, we will be removing the well-worn rubber bushings and installing the Powerflex urethane bushings on a BMW E30 3-series (84-91). This suspension design applies to all BMWs up through the ’90s (2002, Bavaria, CS, 3-series through 91, 5-series through 96, 6-series through 89, 7-series through 94, 8-series, Z3 and 318ti).

We’re installing the Powerflex urethane bushings into the subframe, trailing arm and differential mount positions. This will greatly improve the vehicle stability and performance. Also note that after the install, the owner (BavAuto Advisor, Ken B.) has experienced no negatives in harshness or vibration due to the firmer bushings. He notes that this is now the best driving E30 3-series he has ever owned or driven (it also has the Powerflex front control arm bushings installed).

Follow along as we perform the bushings install on this 89 325i.


• Powerflex subframe bushing kit (BavAuto)
• Powerflex adjustable camber/toe trailing arm bushing kit (BavAuto)
• Powerflex differential mount bushing kit (BavAuto)
• Liqui-Moly copper anti-seize compound (BavAuto)

• Common Mechanic’s hand tools

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