Please like it if you like it :-) My car is a 2006 330i Sedan with HID lights. The left side low beam light was dead after 7 years since I bought the car. Dealer was asking for $200+ for just checking what could be wrong. I decided to do the replacement myself. So I bought the exactly same HID bulb from amazon which cost me $35, and I used a coin (a quarter) as the only tool to finish the job. Cool? Please keep in mind that you take your own responsibility if you try doing this yourself.
Happy DIY.

Here is the link where I bought the HID bulb: (the price went up though)

Note: It did take me quite some time to open the plastic cover. At the beginning, I could barely move it after un-clipping the top clip. I kept wiggling it for some time. Finally I had to use some real force to flip the cover. I was not sure if I had broken some thing or not. When I closed the clip it looked fine.