AFTER: Fixed Scratched LCD Display 2010 BMW M3 Convertible E93

*** (Warning Dangerous: Don’t Polish Display Connected to Power and Dash) ***

First Attempt: to buff out anti-glare film and buff out the scratch on 2010 BMW M3 Convertible: Worked perfectly…

Required Tools:
1. Hex for two dash board screws. I don’t know the size.
2. Small Phillip screw drive for 4 screws internal mounting.
3. Plastic polishing compound (mild)
4. Spray bottom for water.
5. Blue painters tape
6. Many lent free soft microfiber cloths
7. 3M headlight sponge polisher
8. Power drill

(Disclaimer risk is yours alone. I’m not responsible if you damage or equipment this is a delicate display and electronics so be careful and do not force anything.)