It’s rewarding to do work on your own M3 and Oil Changes are one of the easiest things you can do. I hope my comprehensive DIY instructions can give you the confidence needed to do your own oil change.

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I suggest watching this video at least once before you actually start changing your oil.

Tools needed:

Ramps or Jack/Jackstands & Chock Block
3/8″ ratchet with extension
13mm socket
6mm allen/hex socket
Torque wrench (18 ft lbs)
Flathead screwdriver
SCOTT Shop Towels
Oil drain pan w/ 7qt minimum capacity
Safety Glasses
Latex/Nitrile Gloves
Peake Research R5/FCX3-16 Tool (for oil interval reset)

Parts required:

(6) liters – Castrol TWS 10W-60 Oil (Part #07510009420)
(1) – Mahle Oil Filter Kit (Part #OX187D)

Turner Motorsport does a great job keeping the oil & oil filter prices cheap. Be sure to check them out when ordering –

For everything else, I usually find to be the cheapest (& Tax Free)

These are the Ramps seen in the video –

As of 2013, I have since upgraded the Ramps in this video to the following –

Oil Drain Pan –

The Peake Tool can be had for about the same price that any dealer would charge you for 1 diagnostic fee. Amazon is usually the cheapest place to pick one up –

or Tuner Morotsport when they’re running 10% off –

SCOTT Shop Towels can be found at Costco for a reasonable price.

And make sure you hit up if would like to have your oil professionally tested. You can get a Free Test Kit here – (Highly Recommended – they’ve done countless tests for me over the years)

Here’s my video for resetting the oil service interval –

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