With the introduction of CIC-based iDrive, most users immediately noticed an increased display resolution of the CIC display (1280×480), which is particularly noticeable in full screen mode. A hidden gem of the CIC based iDrive units was the capability to play DVD movies – a feature only available while the vehicle is in park.

We would like to announce that VideoinMotion is now available for most current BMW models and programmed while you wait. We are also the only vendor to offer VideoinMotion for the new F01/F10 BMW models.

Programming removes the 3km/h video interlock from the iDrive display, which stops the video feed while the vehicle is in motion.

The following iDrive models are supported for VideoInMotion programming:

Supported BMW Models:
2009+ 1-series
2009+ 3-series
2010 5-series
2010+ X5
2009+ Z4

Current BMW 5/7-series (F01/F10) models are also supported:
2011+ 5-series
2009+ 7-series

As always, we do not recommend the driver watch video content while driving, but this can make long trips for passengers (and the kids) quite enjoyable.

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