**SOLD** is my 1993 BMW 850CI. The Classic Supercar is in near pristine condition. The 850ci will come with the 19 wheels shown as well as the 5 stock turbine wheels. The stock wheels have close to new tread on all 4 tires. BF Goodrich zr rated. the rear tires on the 19 wheels have near no tread and are close to bald, I will have tires mounted on the 19″ wheels before pick up. I am also waiting on slim ballast hid for the low beam head lights 50w hid. currently i had normal size ballasts on car. New slim ones will be installed before car is picked up or delivered.

The ride: It is easy to fall in love with this car after driving it. I expected the car to feel heavy and some what sluggish due to its weight and auto transmission. I was proven wrong this 850ci has tons of power and torque at any given moment. It seem substantially more responsive at light throttle in sports mode. It feels nothing like the e32 750il which i have owned before. The e32 750il turned out to be a disappointment. This bimmer is in a whole different solar system then the e32. The car handles on rails and feels like a fighter jet. I now know why its ratings are still so high. The BMW is heavy for a supercar however none of that seems to matter as it is so addicting to cruze around in. I have had girls bite there lips and have looks from people driving new exotics and new high end luxury cars give me thumbs up every time i take the car out.
It is a rare car and one of the most beautiful BMWS ever built. For more details about this Bimmer send me a message I will provide my address and phone number.