Replacing BMW spark plugs is one of the easiest things you can do. This video uses an E36 M3 to show you how.

Take off the trim cover by first removing the caps that cover the 10mm nuts. Note that the caps are fragile. Remove the nuts and then take off the oil filler cap to remove the trim cover. Replace the oil filler cap.

Remove the ignition coils in two steps. Lift up on the harness plug clip with a screwdriver and then remove the two bolts to take out the coil. Keep each coil in the same order to reinstall them in the same respective cylinders.

Remove the plugs with a ratchet and socket. When you remove them you can check for foul plugs. “Reading the plugs” can provide clues about how your engine is running.

REFER TO OUR FOUL PLUGS RESOURCE and compare your plugs.

Apply a little anti-seize compound to the threads. When you put the plugs in and be sure that you don’t over tighten them. Refer to a Bentley manual for the proper torque specification.