Video tutorial on how to remove the stock BMW stereo from an E30, E32, E34, E36, E31 (3 series, 5 series, 7 series, and 8 series). There is actually a specialty tool that is similar to a torx or phillips bit that has 5 sides. This can be done using a phillips screwdriver, but you must be extremely careful not the strip it. If stripped, the removal process will be incredibly difficult. When removing the factory stereo, ensure that you do have a stereo code if you plan on using it after. The particular tutorial was done on a 1994 BMW 740i, E32 body style.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-small phillips screwdriver or BMW specialty removal tool
-ratchet and socket set
-standard (flat) screwdriver

-before removing the factory until, ensure that you have the security code if you are planning on using the radio in the future
-disconnect your vehicle’s battery
-using your finger nail, pop open the two small doors located on each side of the factory stereo’s face
-a specialty BMW tool is required to loosen these screws behind the doors, but being very careful, you can use a small phillips screwdriver
-insert the screwdriver in the holes until it stops, ensure it locks into the screws and then loosen them
-loosen the screws until they stop, they cannot be fully removed
-insert your finger into the cassette slot gently, then pull the stereo from the dashboard slot
-once slightly out, then use the outer edge to remove the rest
-remove the wires from the rear
-the large main connector has a sleeve which locks it into place
-using a standard screwdriver, slide the sleeve upwards, then pull the connector straight off

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