Video tutorial on how to remove and code the key lock tumbler on a BMW glove box. This tumbler model is found on the BMW vehicles E39, E31, E32, and E34. Similar procedures can be used on other models as well. This is the problem commonly known to cause difficulties opening the glove box and can get progressively worse over time. The part can be purchased online or from your local dealer. Included in the kit if a new tumbler casing, various numbered doors, springs, and a small tube of grease. This particular tutorial was done on a 1997 BMW 540i E39.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-pen or pencil
-small standard/flat screwdriver
-new key lock tumbler kit (part #51168156253)

-first start by removing the glove box handle from the vehicle
-insert the key into the lock
-using a small standard screwdriver, bend the two little tabs gently back, while keeping pressure on the tumbler assembly pushing it outwards
-remove the tumbler assembly from handle
-next remove the key being careful not to have the numbered doors pop out
-make a diagram on paper and write down the each of the door numbers
-install the new springs on the one side of the new tumbler casing
-apply a light amount of grease between two fingers, lightly rubbing it onto the individual doors before installing, then still each door
-continue to the other side
-once done, install the key
-ensure all doors are flush with the outside of the tumbler casing which will determine all the doors are correct
-lightly rub a small amount of grease on the outside of the tumbler assembly
-install the key lock tumbler assembly in the correct orientation, you will hear a click once it’s in place
-take the key out, put the key back in and turn the lock to ensure everything works correctly
-reinstall handle back into the glove box

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