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This video show you how to DIY do it yourself oil change on your BMW E65 E66. Process will probably be very similar on your other BMW cars as well. Save some cash and do the job yourself. Check out my other BMW car videos for all your needs.

List of tools should be.
1. Jack and stands and tire Chalks (these are what you put behind tires to prevent car from rolling backwards)
2. socket wrench
3. 24mm socket
4. Large Size allen wrench should be 8 (but don’t quote me)
5. Small allen wrench size should be 5 or 6 (but don’t quote me) if your purchasing they come together in sets so you’ll be ok.
6. Moblie 1 0-40w (Purchase in Link I have in description)
7. Oil filter (Purchase in Link I have in description)
8. Oil drip Pan & Oil funnel
9. News Papers

Funny Story in the video I talk about not dripping oil on driveway, while filming and talking I wasn’t paying attention and next thing you know about 5 quarts are in my parents driveway Oh boy, The next few hours were spent buying cat liter and cleaning the mess up.

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