Video tutorial on how to replace the washer tank grommets on your BMW E39. This is a very common problem if you do find your vehicle is leaking down on washer fluid or there is a constant puddle underneath the passenger side of your vehicle. Some procedure may vary slightly if your car is equipped with headlight washers or is a sedan or touring(wagon). Your fender can be removed fully or just have the fasteners removed on the one side and then bent upwards to gain access to the tank. This particular tutorial was done on a 1997 BMW 540i.

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Tutorial on how to remove the fender liner:

Part Numbers:
Wash pump strainer and grommet: 61667006063
Rubber Grommet: 61311369343
Rubber Grommet: 61661365657
Rubber Grommet: 61671378631

NOTE: Visit to determine if this is the correct parts for your vehicle. NOT all vehicles require the part numbers I have listed above.

Tools/Supplies Needed:
-new grommets
-jack stand
-3/8″ drive ratchet
-3/8″ drive 3″ extension
-8mm socket

-jack the vehicle up, remove the wheel using the 17mm socket on the johnson/breaker bar, then ensure the vehicle is secure by placing in the jack/axle stand
-remove all the 8mm bolts using the 3/8″ drive ratchet with the 3″ extension
-bent the fender liner upwards or completely remove it
-if there is a significant amount of washer fluid left, place it under the tank and remove the plastic line on the pump
-remove the plastic lines on the pumps
-remove the wire connectors on the pumps and level sensor
-clean around the pumps to ensure no debris falls in the tank
-pull pumps upwards to remove
-pull sensor straight out
-clean around openings again
-remove the grommets
-if you like, you can use a little soap to help push in the new grommets
-installed new grommets
-reinstall sensor and pumps
-reinstall plastic lines and electrical connectors
-test to ensure everything works correctly and there are no leaks
-reinstall fender liner

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