Video tutorial on how to replace the ignition switch on a BMW E39. The same switch is found on others models as well, as for the replacement portion, it may vary. A faulty switch can cause multiple issues such as triggering dash fault lights, radio malfunctions, exterior or interior light malfunctions, gauge malfunctions, battery drain, intermediate starting, etc. For my vehicle, I was experiencing a battery drain as well as intermediate starting. This particular tutorial was done on a 1997 BMW 540i.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-phillips screwdriver
-small standard/flat screwdriver
-standard/flat screwdriver
-13mm socket and ratchet or wrench
-T30 torx bit with a 1/4″ drive ratchet

-start by removing the top and bottom plastic phillips screws holding in the clips which hold the steering column caps in place
-once removed, slowly work at removing the steering column caps
-tilt steering wheel when necessary
-after the steering column caps have been separated, unclip the leather covers from the rear both on the top and bottom
-tilt steering wheel when necessary
-next unclip the wiring harnesses from their retaining locations
-remove the two T30 torx bolts from the side and from the bottom of the steering column holding in the plastic retaining bracket
-tilt steering wheel when necessary
-disconnect the negative battery terminal using a 13mm socket and ratchet or wrench
-using a standard screwdriver, unclip the ignition switch wiring harness
-now remove the two standard/flat grub screws holding in the ignition switch
-if there is red paint over the grub screws, simply clean it off with a standard screwdriver
-remove the ignition switch
-when reinstalling the new ignition switch, ensure that the center rotation portion matches either the same orientation of the old ignition switch or the metal shaft
-reinstallation of all parts in reverse of removal

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