Video tutorial on how to replace the button panel assembly on the HVAC panel from a BMW E39. It is required that you remove the HVAC panel in order to replace the buttons. This tutorial also demonstrates how to split down the entire assembly to gain access to the circuit boards and clean the dust on the inside. I purchased the buttons as a kit from online and I did replace the whole assembly rather than replace the individual buttons. A similar procedure possible applies to other BMW models as well. This particular tutorial was done on a 1997 BMW 540i E39.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-standard/flat screwdriver
-electronic contact cleaner

-the hvac panel must be removed first
-first start by removing the outer faceplate which is which is clipped onto the rear portion
-the clips are on the top and bottom, this can be done by hand but a standard/flat screwdriver can be used for assistance
-once remove, the circuit board on the back portion can be slide out if needed to clean dust and the fan
-the fan can be noisy after time, so it is a good idea to clean the dust from it using a tooth brush
-now to remove the circuit board, unclip the metal insert from the outer plastic button housing
-be sure to do this over an area where the inner contacts will not get lost
-a standard screwdriver can be used to assist this
-transfer the contacts from the old button assembly to the new assembly
-transfer the clear insert as well
-elevate the new panel on the sides so it doesn’t interfere with the buttons
-be sure the clean the temperature sensor with electronic contact cleaner
-insert the circuit board, make sure it fits evenly all the way around
-before clipped into place, but close, ensure all the buttons work correctly
-clip circuit board into place
-reinstall the other circuit board into the plastic backer housing
-install faceplate
-ensure the unit works before completely reinstalling in vehicle

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