Video tutorial on how to remove the front fender on a BMW E39 body style. There is another couple bumper styles which are found on the face lifted and M Technic versions. So removal of the front section of fender liner may vary slightly. This video does demonstrate how to remove the fender liner and also gain access to the washer fluid reservoir found in the passenger side fender well. This tutorial was done on a 1997 BMW 540i preface lift with the standard bumpers correct for this year.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-jack/axle stand
-1/2″ drive johnson/breaker bar
-1/2″ 4″ extension
-17mm socket
-3/8″ drive ratchet
-3″ 3/8″ drive extension
-6″ 3/8″ drive extension
-8mm 3/8″ drive socket
-10mm 3/8″ drive socket
-10mm wrench
-T30 torx bit
-13mm 3/8″ drive socket
-13mm wrench
-painters tape

-first start by running some painters tape around the adjacent panels to ensure the paint doesn’t get chipped during the removal
-jack the vehicle up, remove the wheel using the 17mm socket on the johnson/breaker bar, then ensure the vehicle is secure by placing in the jack/axle stand
-remove all the 8mm bolts (locations are shown in video) using the 3/8″ drive ratchet with the 3″ extension
-the front section of the fender liner behind the bumper is not required to be removed
-pull down on the fender liner towards the engine side, then slowly work the edges out
-remove the 10mm bolts where access can be gained from the inside of the fender well (locations shown on video)
-next open the door and remove the one 10mm bolt at the top of the fender in the door jamb
-remove the rubber barrier on the one side of the windshield by pulling out directly
-remove the 10mm bolt hidden behind that rubber barrier
-remove the torx bolts using a T30, starting from the front of the vehicle by the headlight, moving back towards the hood hinge
-remove the front 13mm bolt on the hood hinge(if working with the passenger side, then the 10mm bolt with the wire is required to be remove first, then using a wrench to remove that 13mm bolt)
-loosen the rear 13mm bolt
-an additional helping hand may be required to lift up or hold the hood into position to reduce the change of damage
-the fender can now be removed
-assembly in reverse of disassembly

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