ENET cable extension

How to create an ENET cable extension DIY

ENET cable extension Tools needed:

1. UTP/ethernet cable (cat5, 5e etc – FTP if you’ll leave the cable outside);
2. Network LAN cable crimper;
3. Two UTP Crimp Connectors (RJ45 Plug) <buy more just to be sure>;
4. RJ45 rubber cap/protector;
5. RJ45 Female to Female adaptor;
6. Cable cutter/stripper;
7. Ethernet cable tester (this is optional);

Wiring color code (a.k.a UTP crossover):
Note: both ends must have the same color codes!

White with Green Stripe – Pin 1 (Left Side)
Green – Pin 2
White with Orange Stripe – Pin 3
Blue – Pin 4 (Unused)
White with Blue Stripe – Pin 5 (Unused)
Orange – Pin 6
White with Brown Stripe – Pin 7 (Right Side)
Brown – Pin 8


20170219_121001 copy
20170219_122231 copy
20170219_124417 copy
20170219_132125 copy