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This DIY (Do It Yourself) How-To video shows how to change the fluid in a typical BMW or 4wd MINI rear differential. See our other “Under Car Fluid Changes” videos for; front differential, manual transmission, automatic transmission, transfer case, MINI transaxle and standard under-car oil change.

We are performing these fluid changes on a vehicle lift. All of these fluid changes cane be done “at home” using a common floor jack and jack stands or even drive-on ramps).

Similar to the manual transmission, the differential will have a drain and a fill plug. The plugs are commonly in the rear cover of the differential, but note that some models have one or both plugs in the side of the main housing. Additionally, some late models only have a fill plug (there is no drain plug on the assembly). These models require a unique procedure in order to evacuate the fluid. We will address this is the DIY video.

Most rear differentials will need just over 1 quart, or liter, for a fluid change. Some models do require more than 2 quarts (liters). Check the applicable Bentley repair manual for specific fluid quantities.

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