2011 X6 50i Coded Unlocked to FULL Feature

bmw x6 50i coding

-headlight washer off
-fogs on when hi beams are on
-AE’s doesnt dim when headlight are on
-cluster light always on day and night
-windows open and close w/key fob and side mirror closes and open w/key fob
-trunk open close w/key fob
-Idrive indicator off when starting the car..it stays on your last menu option-
( Disclaimer OFF)
-Movie player while car is in motion
-key fob automatic eject when car turns off
-brake light ON on trunk euro style
-Door gong Off when door is open
-one touch window goes up when door is open

hope you enjoy the mini MODS

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He is East Coast based but can do Remotely too….
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