The owner of this BMW X5 was faced with the problem of cloudy oxidized headlights and was trying to figure what he should do with them. He thought of doing the headlight restoration job for himself or have a headlight restoration company restore them or replace the headlights. So he decided to go the least expensive way first. Between he and his uncle they got a headlight restoration kit and tried doing it themselves.
The headlights looked much better but it still wasn’t looking like new. His next step was to call in a headlight restoration service company. After leaving a few messages to other companies that did not respond to him he found us on the internet and called us in to do the job of restoring his X5 plastic headlights.
We were there the next day on time did the job professionally. His headlights looked like new again. He was feeling good about his BMW again. He was so happy with our headlight restoration service and customer service he gave us a testimonial in english and also in Creole.
Now Ralph not only love how his BMW X5 looks but he feels so much safer for himself and his family. Like Ralph if you live in broward county Miami or Dade in south Florida and your headlights are cloudy hazy yellow cloudy because of oxidization please give us a call 954-272-8560 for an appointment. We will come to you and make you feel good about looking at your car and also feel much safer while driving at night.
To see more of our headlight restoration work visit us at or look at at our other youtube videos abes4u2