How to reset oil and brake fluid service lights on an old bmw x5 (e53) model and how to reset the runflat warning system PLEASE NOTE I NO LONGER DO REQUESTS AS I DONT WORK FOR BMW ANY MORE BUT IM STILL HAPPY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS.

Transcript- G’day guys, welcome back to BMTroubleU. Today were going to be resetting the lights on an old BMW E53. This is the first model X5. Its a bit of a simpler system and its a bit different to the others you might have seen so- with everything turned off and the key in the ignition were going to be pressing this left hand side button. Pressing and holding and turning the key to accessories. Just keep holding that left hand side button and you see the reset come up. First one is L for oil service, press and hold until the reset starts flashing, let go, press it once and it will reset. Theres only two here, theres oil service and brake fluid and it will automatically go to brake fluid once youve done the oil service reset or if you just want to reset brake fluid press it once and you’ll be selecting the next one across, until you get to end and then it will just go back to your regular screen. (0:57) Now finally for resetting the runflat- whenever you pump up the tires the runflat reset is right here, ok. Many people get confused because they press it once and nothing happens but what youve got to do is turn the car on. Have it running or ignition on, but ignition on will drain your battery so have it on. Press and hold the button until you see on the dash… (1:26) that come up. Then you let go. Thats initializing the tire pressure / runflat tire pressure warning system, and then it will go out- youve reset the runflat on this one. Alright, thanks for watching- watch my other videos, subscribe, what ever you do… and i’ll see you on the next video.