E46 main Thermostat removal.

NOTE: You will need to remove the Radiator Fan (if you have a automatic transmission) to reach the Thermostat.

So, here’s the video:
BMW Radiator Fan Removal

WARNING : BE CAREFUL when working near the Radiator Fan, DO NOT damage Fan Blades! DO NOT DROP the Fan once it is completely loosen from the Water Pump. You have been Warned.

Also, to make working on the Fan, I removed the Airbox, to give myself some more room to work within. This is not necessarily required, but it worked for me.
View the video DIY here:
BMW Airbox Removal

Please Note – Do this at your own risk. Follow all Safety Procedures. Wear Eye Protection! Wear mechanics gloves if possible. Not responsible if you break anything (Yourself or Property) End Legal Mumbo Jumbo Disclaimer.

This DIY was performed on a 02 BMW E46 330i automatic, alpine white paint, with Sport Suspension Package, you know the drill. So if that is not your vehicle, there might be differences.