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Got throttle lag? Put the punch back in your pedal.

In this DIY and How-To video, we’ll Show you how to install the Sprint Booster throttle converter. The Sprint Booster power converter for BMW is an easy-to-install, electronic device that eliminates the delay in pedal response common in cars with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC, a.k.a. “drive by wire”). It continuously measures the digital signal being sent by the accelerator, modifies the signal and tells the engine management system to respond more quickly. You get crisp acceleration on tap, dramatically improving response time and your overall driving experience. (In other words, “Yee-haw!!!”) It doesn’t increase your car’s horsepower — it just make the car more responsive to your commands. You’ll notice better off-the-line acceleration, faster 1/4-mile times, greater quickness when passing and easier on-hill starts. We tested it here at Bavarian Autosport and loved it! Apparently we’re not alone. Here’s what renowned automotive photographer and writer Klaus Schnitzer wrote to us after he installed a Sprint Booster in his 2004 325iT:

“… Very linear and more responsive than stock. This is how the feel should have been from the factory. The driving sensation is very similar to BMW M throttle settings, minus the power. It makes for more involved and fluid driving. The only problem is that I now want to go faster!”

The Sprint Booster comes with a switch you can mount on or near your dash. Leave the button alone to drive the car in stock mode; push it once for Level 1 (a smooth acceleration enhancement); push it again for Level 2 (an aggressive boost). One of the most noticeable performance upgrades you can do. No modifications or changes in fuel are required. Backed by a lifetime warranty. Installation takes about 10 minutes —

Standard hand tools

Spring Booster Module Kits:

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