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In this DIY and How-To video, we’ll show you how to remove and replace the engine accessory serpentine drive belt, the air conditioning belt and the tensioner and idler pulleys. A 2001 3.0i Z3 with the M54 engine was used for this video. The procedures shown can be applied, in general, to most BMW models that have serpentine type accessory drive belts. This includes most 6-cylinder models from the early ’90s on and all V8 models.

Note that the models shown here uses a mechanical type belt tensioner for both the main belt and the AC belt. Some models employ a hydraulic tensioner assembly. The replacement procedures are slightly different, as they are for the V8 models. The applicable Bentley repair manual will address the details for various models.

Bentley repair manuals:

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Belts and pulleys;

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