Update 11/28/13:
I should have put more emphasis on the step at 2:27. If you want to restore the timing with this method, you have to be very precise when taking note of the splined hub position. I drew diagrams and took multiple pictures of the relative positions. Also, there are about 20 thou of “backlash” in the spline, so make sure to take that into account both when noting the position, and when re-installing.

0:00 Disassembly
2:20 Cam bolt replacement, Hub replacement, Timing
4:38 Beisan Systems sealing plate
4:53 Beisan Systems oil pump disk
7:25 Assembly

This video is intended to clarify how the vanos assembly works and fits together. You should still follow a proper written DIY for all details such as part numbers, using new gaskets, remaining torque specs, etc. I am not responsible for any mistakes you make, so be extra careful. Don’t drop anything in the engine and read the DIYs first.