E46 Fan Shroud removal (with Automatic Transmission)

NOTE: You Must have already removed the Airbox “Snorkel” before hand… –

You can view that DIY here:
BMW Airbox Removal

To Completely Remove the Fan Shroud, you will have to release the Radiator Fan from the Water Pump.

That DIY is here:
BMW Radiator Fan / Clutch Removal

(Make sure your car is cool down enough BEFORE working on or near the cooling system.)

Please Note – Do this at your own risk. Follow all Safety Procedures. Wear Eye Protection! Wear mechanics gloves if possible. Not responsible if you break anything (Yourself or Property) End Legal Mumbo Jumbo Disclaimer.

This DIY was performed on a 02 BMW E46 330i automatic, alpine white paint, with Sport Suspension Package, you know the drill. So if that is not your vehicle, there might be differences.