Learn how to utilize the BMW Navigation System using the Voice Command function.

If your BMW is equipped with Navigation, it uses information from GPS satellites and data stored on an internal hard drive to provide driving directions in the iDrive display. Some BMWs use an 80-gigabyte hard drive, while newer vehicles with iDrive/Navigation version 4.2 make use of a 200-gigabyte set-up. The system uses a large, high-resolution color display that measures 8.8-inches across on some models, and 10.2-inches across on others. You also have the ability to use the “Split Screen” option, for simultaneous viewing of the Navigation map while viewing and selecting other items within the various iDrive menus.

The benefits of using a hard drive include:
– Faster access to navigation information
– More vivid graphics
– Easier system updating
– 3-D mapping
– Multiple perspective view

In addition to using the iDrive controller to enter destination addresses, the Voice Command feature can also be used. You can also search for, locate and navigate to destinations stored in the vehicle’s Points of Interest catalog.

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