That noise, It turned out to be the Water Pump Bearing, it started several months back, and I thought it was the timing chain, because it sounded like a chain rubbing against the guides, so I first heard it then did some research, so in this order this is what I did to fix that noise.
1. Replaced Serpentine Belt & Pully and Tensioner (DID NOT fix noise)
2. Replaced Timing Chain Tensioner (DID NOT fix noise)
3. Replaced Water Pump (FIXED the NOISE)
My car is quite again:)

I film myself fixing and replacing my Upper Timing Chain Tensioner on my BMW E65 E66 745i 745li 750li 750i. This motor is the BMW N62 motor V8 4.8L, if your wondering the car in the video is a 2006 BMW E65 750i. This was a simple replacement took start to finish about 15-20 mins.

Thanks for Watching:)