Stock E60 M5 SMG at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, many thanks to Roy & Phil at CA Automotive for inviting me along for the day.

We were hoping to run my stock E60 M5 against an M3 that had been supercharged by CA Automotive but unfortunately the weather wasn’t on out side and it was too wet to get any decent traction in the M3. I decided to plough on regardless and wanted to get a video of the HUD showing a 0-180mph run but because of the wet track I opted for a slow rolling start from approx 5mph and only got to 172mph before easing off due to standing water.

Except for a simple de-limit, done for me by CA Automotive, my M5 is 100% stock.

Excuse the shaky video, I have a headrest mount and window mount for the video but neither can get the right angle for the HUD so I had to hold it in my left hand….so yes this was a 1 handed run to 172mph in the wet.