This is a D.I.Y vid on changing out the control arm bushings on a e36. This is probably a 2 out of 10 on difficulty and it’s a must do for any aging bmw. i’ve done this on every bmw i’ve owned and this is buy far the easiest way i’ve found with out having air tools or a press. if you don’t own the dremel tools then use hacksaw blades to cut through rubber on existing bushings(drill with small bit works to) , and hacksaw or torch on the inner metal ring on the arm itself. This does take allot more time, i suggest grabbing the dremels there cheap and i use them all the time on other stuff as well. Upgrading to poly bushings makes it even easier as there is no need to machine press them in like the stock rubber and metal ones. This is my first attempt at doing a diy vid and i hope it showes enough on how it’s done, but if you still can’t figure it out after watching this then you should maybe just put the tools down and pay someone else to do it.