BMW 850 CSI E31 Alpina B12 5.0 BiTurbo Coupe sound. Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleration TV channel. In this video you can see a very rare BMW Alpina B12 Coupe. Enjoy some impressions and sound.

Two Places by A Himitsu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
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The variants Alpina B12 5.0, which remain unchanged in displacement, based on the 850i (or 850Ci as of 1993), achieve 257 kW (350 hp) and 470 Nm through various optimizations. Also, the speed limit of 250 km / h is canceled; the coupe reaches a top speed of 281 km / h. The E32 is stated at 275 km / h and the E38 with 6-liter displacement in its strongest variant with 316 kW (430 hp) creates according to factory specification 291 km / h.

At the end of 1992, shortly after the launch of the BMW 850 CSi, Alpina presented the enlarged B12 5.7 in its displacement. By revamping the engine and increasing the displacement to 5646 cc, a power output of 306 kW (416 hp) and a maximum torque of 570 Nm was achieved. Again, the speed limit was waived, whereby a maximum speed of over 300 km / h is reached. In this model, in addition to the six-speed manual gearbox alternatively a six-speed shifttronic was available in which the clutch pedal accounted for. This shifttronic is a precursor to the SMG. When changing gear, the clutch is fully automatically operated with the shift lever. In the period from November 1992 to November 1996, a total of 59 pieces of the B12 5.7 left the Alpina factory in Buchloe