The BMW F01 is an automobile platform expected to go into production in late 2008 as a replacement for the current 7 Series (BMW E65/E66) platform. The long wheelbase, codenamed BMW F02, will be longer by 14 cm (5.5 in) than BMW F01. It will be also equipped with a more intuitive iDrive system.
The current debate about this car revolves around what styling the car will appear with. This has become a very controversal topic ever since the (BMW E65/E66) platform was released to severe public scrunity for its dramatic departure from traditional BMW styling cues. BMW is expected to release a conservative design and has been showing concept cars that follow in a similar styling trend at autoshows for over a year in an attempt to acclimate the public to the new design cues ahead of the new car’s release.
The most recent photos of the car reveal a large sedan that maintains the BMW E65/E66 roofline and general cabin size, but returns to the 7-series’ roots with shorter front and rear overhangs. Most interesting is that BMW has decided to remove the large trunklid that was the most controversal of the BMW E65/E66’s styling and interestingly enough has been one of the most mimicked styling trends in modern car design.
Fully undisguised product photos of the new 7 Series appeared on the net on the July 3, 2008. The new 7-Series loses much of its Bangle inspired design and looks more like a larger E60 5-Series, with a front end that takes from the BMW CS Concept.
Overall, BMW looks to release a conservative car with modest sporting cues that will be visually pleasing
Details are yet to emerge, however as reported BMW plans to use the F01 7-series to spearhead its move into hybrid engine technology.
The F01 platform is expected to underpin a smaller Rolls-Royce slotting in below the ultra-luxury Phantom, internally known as the Rolls-Royce “RR4”. This $250,000 car would be assembled in Germany alongside the 7 Series and would share that car’s future V12 engine.