320i BMW. Idrive. Reboot. Issue
My new BMW started doing this off and on the 3rd day of ownership. Worked ok for a couple weeks now it’s doing it again. Took it to the dealer. They said BMW knew about the problem but had no fix. Then the dealer told me it was a “bad data stream from the satellite radio”….REALLY….. wouldn’t that be a shielding issue…… millions of cars with satellite radio but only the 3 series are affected!
The dealer refused to do anything for me. BMW North America refused to do anything.

Thanks for the comments. I’d would like to exchange, but so far BMW or my dealer are saying NO just be patient.
I agree with you, it sounds like a ground, or shielding issue. I noticed that when the radio is off, it isn’t really totally off. What I mean is that the screen still shows the song titles as they are changing, but the speakers are off. Odd……………. maybe this has something to do with it. Also, my Bluetooth will not disconnect from my phone when the car and accessories are turned off. The call will stay connected until I hang up the phone. This is strange too.