2017-2018 BMW 328i Exhaust And Top Speed Turbo Review
From its refined ride and cabin to its sporty driving character, the new and improved 2017 BMW 328i Series is undoubtedly well rounded and exceptional. It stands out as one of favorites in this class and we highly recommend it for anyone shopping in the compact luxury sport sedan segment. Its release date should be expected early next year most probably in late January.
Some of the 2017 highlights include an upscale interior with intuitive controls, excellent ride and handling balance, spacious seating, and fuel-sipping and powerful engines. Also, the model gains subtle interior trim enhancements, and exterior styling updates, steering and suspension tweaks, LED headlights, and the 335i model gets a name change to 340i. Lastly, the 320i trim gets the Sport Line package as standard equipment.
One could argue though that the new 2017 BMW 3 Series has lost its traditional appeal as a sports car in some respects, but the 3 Series continues to stand apart when it comes to the compact luxury sport segment. 2017 will see a number of changes meant to keep its growing list of rivals at bay, and even without them, the new 2017 BMW 3 Series would still be able to lead the rest of the pack.

Despite the glamor, there still exist some few downsides worth lamenting over. They include a limited feature availability particularly on the base model, and the automatic start/stop system is rather intrusive.