Replace your classic style yellow Angel Eye bulbs with brighter modern LED bulbs. The E39 is a great looking car but the stock bulbs just make it look dated. If your interested in these read below
STOCK 2:57 LEFT 4:52 BOTH 7:05

These are Zotoo Technology Co.,Limited 60W 6500K CREE LED Angel Eye Bulbs. Each bulb has 12 LEDS and they are 5W each so combined you get 60W. Can be found anywhere from $60-$75.

But there’s a catch the wires weren’t color coordinated so I fixed that by flipping pins. I also made a knot on the wires inside the LED housings to reduce stress on the internal connections because of how all the heatsinks are weighing on it.

Lastly its a big design flaw, the projector head of the LED base is too tall and crashes into fiber optic cables which leaves no clearance for the tabs to lock inside. I don’t know how this made it past Chinese QA as this is a serious issue.

Take note the top LED base must be cut down to 5th ring to fit properly or they will just fall out on you. I used a cutting wheel attached to a drill and masked up the part and about 1hr20min later problem solved beats shipping it back to China. After all that work was done you can finally call it plug and play!

It works fine no errors it has no radio signal interference they work every time. Only issue which is normal with these is that they sometimes blink side to side like police lights when the key is turned in the ignition.